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Know more, search less. Get the information you need from one place.

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Intelligent Knowledge Management

Ilveshaku intelligently extracts all your organisation’s data in your data sources, such as network drives and work e-mails.

Your internal data sources

Connect internal data sources such as network drives, e-mail and client registers.

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Cloud services

Easily find emails, files, images and other information stored in cloud services.

  • Office 365

    Files, pictures

  • Dropbox

    Files, pictures

  • Gmail


  • Youtube


  • Google

    Files, pictures

  • Wikipedia

    A free encyclopedia

News sources and information services

Easily find news from various sources with a single search.

  • Yle

    Available in Finland only

  • Iltasanomat

    Available in Finland only

  • MTV3

    Available in Finland only

  • Kauppalehti

    Available in Finland only

  • Iltalehti

    Available in Finland only

  • Helsingin

    Available in Finland only


The amount of information is expanding rapidly and a company’s information capital is often scattered across multiple data sources. Ilves’s mission is to solve these problems.

Get intelligent single-point access to multiple data sources for your whole team and reduce inefficiency by redesigning work.

Continuous learning is the key to success in our rapidly changing world. Accelerate learning by offering transparent access to all sources of data for your staff.

Transparency strengthens confidence in the organisation. Ilveshaku is a concrete way to build trust and better employee and client experience.

Digital and Data Capability

Make access to data the cornerstone of your digital capability. Develop and grow your business with data.

Know – Continuously updated activity stream automates knowledge sharing, boosts workplace communication and accelerates learning at work.

Find – Find information fast and be efficient. A company with e.g. 50 employees saves up to 350 working days each year by decreasing the time spent searching data with 10 mins per day, per employee.

Share – Equip your employees with a powerful information sharing tool and make access to data the cornerstone of your digital capability.

The value of your Intellectual capital will grow as your staff know more and are able to share information easily.

Straightforward Purchase!


Book Ilveshaku Enterprise installation

We will connect network drives, emails and if required, a CSV file, to the Ilveshaku service. It takes only a few hours.

Focus on your key tasks. 30-day money back guarantee.

After indexing your data, you can test the service.

Straightforward implementation

After the trial period, it is easy to purchase and decisions for custom tailoring.

Book a test installation here

You can also try the Ilveshaku Demo version for free with your personal cloud services.

Lasse Ilvessalo
Chief Technology Officer
TEL: +358 40 820 6330

Heikki Ilvessalo
Managing Director
TEL: +358 40 547 1501


Register to the Ilveshaku demo version and see how a single search provides search results from your cloud services: Gmail,, Hotmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, YouTube and Wikipedia.

Plugins for the AI Era

Ilveshaku is your intellectual capital platform. It enables agile AI implementation and the testing and implementation of your new business model initiative.


Use all your company data through one programming interface for your digital services or business intelligence.

Document preview

Quickly preview document content in different formats without opening other applications. The used search term is highlighted automatically.


Flexible searching from M-Files: Search multiple views simultaneously, save searches, preview documents quickly in text and PDF formats. Open the documents directly to M-Files. Includes tailored filters.

Image analysis using artificial intelligence

How many faces are in the picture? What text is displayed in the image? What is the main colour and type of the image?

Geopraphical information

Find documents by street address, city or country name.

Enhanced image and video data

Filter images and videos based on EXIF data.

Personal data registry search

Find personal, business, and email registers from all systems through one search.


Comply with GDPR data requests concerning the right to access and the right to be forgotten.
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Ask for tailored plugins.

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Data Security

Use the Ilveshaku service and rest easy. We make sure that your information will not be accessed by any third parties.

Ilveshaku Enterprise and Demo version only save metadata

Services do not copy, save or store any of your information or files. Contrary to many other providers, at no stage will we acquire your information for our servers.

The searches that access your private data sources work directly between the browser and the data source, which is why your data is totally safe.

Solely for the purpose of improving our Demo version, we gather statistical information anonymously and use the data only within the company.

We do not save your searches

You can freely search for the information you require. The search service does not save, monitor or copy your search results.

Only you know your password

Logging in to the Demo version is done via your Gmail, Facebook or created account. At no stage do we see or monitor your login details.

Delete the information sources you have added at any time

Deleting your profile or data sources is easy if you decide to stop using the service or for some reason you want to delete data sources from Ilveshaku services.

Ilves is an established and innovative family business founded in 2011. We make data valuable. Ilves is comprised of three companies: Ilves Solutions Ltd., Ilves Valmisohjelmistot Oy and Ilves Invest Ltd.