Data Security

Use the Ilveshaku service and rest easy. We make sure that your information will not be accessed by any third parties.

Ilveshaku Enterprise and Demo version only save metadata

Services do not copy, save or store any of your information or files. Contrary to many other providers, at no stage will we acquire your information for our servers.

The searches that access your private data sources work directly between the browser and the data source, which is why your data is totally safe.

Solely for the purpose of improving our Demo version, we gather statistical information anonymously and use the data only within the company.

Only you know your password

Logging in to the Demo version is done via your Gmail, Facebook or created account. At no stage do we see or monitor your login details.

Delete the information sources you have added at any time

Deleting your profile or data sources is easy if you decide to stop using the service or for some reason you want to delete data sources from Ilveshaku services.