Intelligent text recognition

Access information and knowledge in scanned PDF documents

The OCR extension reads text from images in your data repositories and indexes the information in your Ilveshaku index for future queries. Easily access information and knowledge in scanned PDF document masses with Ilveshaku. Search and copy text from the scanned images to reuse it and save time. Ask for price.

Choose a search result

Search and select any file from the search results.

Choose text

Select TEXT in the preview. OCR reads the text from your images and takes it to the preview to be easily copied.

Browse and copy content

Browse, copy and reuse information by pasting it into the document you are working on.

Technical specs

Supported file types
Office documents
Tesseract 4


Frequently Asked Questions

What technology Ilveshaku uses for text recognition (OCR)?

By default Ilveshaku uses Tesserract 4 neutral Network engine. Other OCR services can also be used.

Does Ilveshaku modify documents during the OCR process?

No. Ilveshaku does not modify original documents. Recognized text is stored to the Ilveshaku database.

Which file types are supported?

Ilveshaku can recognize text from almost all image types and Pdf documents.

I have a lot of old scanned documents In pdf firmat Which do not have OCR info. Can I Find the contacts based on scanned documents content?

Yes. Once Ilveshaku has analyzed the Document the Document can be found by the recognized words.

Can I copy the regognized text to the clipboard?

Yes. Just preview the Document through Ilveshaku User interface and copy text through Pdf or Text tab. You need to have Advanced Preview extension enabled.