Versatile previewing

Improving work day experience

We have ensured that you can access organisational information in a reliable, straightforward and effective way. The versatile preview of Ilveshaku was designed to be the fastest way to access your information capital: data, information and knowledge. Get the information extracted from multiple data sources into one place.

Preview window

Open the document preview in a fullscreen window.

Folder preview

Easily skim network drive folder activities

Ilveshaku brings the contents of your network drive folders into one list. At a glance, see the status in a specific folder / matter without opening a folder or its subfolders. It improves workplace and project communication across your team.

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Browsing folder

Get an overview of a folder or matter's status

Get a quick overview of the status of a folder or matter without opening subfolders, but by opening a folder into a new window. Ilveshaku helps you to manage your projects by keeping you updated on the latest activities and giving you effective tools to preview content.

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Advanced preview

Accessing information efficiently

Quickly preview document content in different formats without opening other applications. The used search term is automatically highlighted. Ask for price.

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Intelligent text recognition

Access information and knowledge in scanned PDF documents

The OCR extension reads text from images in your data repositories and indexes the information in your Ilveshaku index for future queries. Easily access information and knowledge in scanned PDF document masses with Ilveshaku. Search and copy text from the scanned images to reuse it and save time. Ask for price.

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