Freetext search

Freetext searching

Why should you, in a modern workplace, pay attention to where the information is stored and what the right search tool is? We have made finding information from one place a straightforward experience that equips employees with the capability to perform better in their usual work flows. Enter search term, search, and deliver more in knowledge work tasks.


Information from one place

Get the information you need from one place and succeed with data. Type in a keyword or multiple keywords, filter search results, and use information quickly. Accessing information and data could not be easier. Ilveshaku reveals a new information world by harnessing the entire intellectual capital of your organisation for you.

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Using search syntax

Using Boolean search

Combine keywords with Boolean operators to produce more relevant results. Use e.g. OR, AND, phrase search "Ilveshaku search", wild card search (*), single chracter (?), excluding (-), or suggestions "ilves*"

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