We extract scattered data into one place

We want to help you succeed with your data and know how. In order to get you started, we developed a menu of data source connectors. Let's connect your data sources and extract all your organisational data into one place. Get double benefits by utilising the REST API for e.g. analytics, testing of new business models or even hackathons.

Data sources

Connect multiple data sources easily

Search information from all or just one datasource at a time. Selecting a specific data source displays the latest activities in that data source.

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Adding data source

Adding new data sources

Data sources will be activated during the first deployment, after which they are available for everyone in your organisation. Easily add more data sources later. Subscribe an activation from us or connect your personal data source by yourself. There are over 30 connectors available for the most commonly used data sources. Easily connect them in the Settings.

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