Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ilveshaku?

Ilveshaku Enterprise is an easy to use solution for the smart handling of your company's information capital. With Ilveshaku your employees will know more, be able to quickly find the necessary information for their work and share this information easily. The work in your company will get done more quickly and efficiently with Ilveshaku.

Why should I use it?

Quick access to your data will streamline your employees' daily work, increase confidence and enhance your entire business. Employees can focus on the essentials when the information needed for work is easily found. Quick access to information enhances employee experience, leading to an enhanced customer experience.

How does the Ilveshaku fast data search actually work?

Ilveshaku combines and collects structured data (systematically and categorically stored) and unstructured data (strings without structure, including text and images) from your systems, and crawls their metadata for a fast search index. The user interface gives you instant access to your constantly updating information.

Who is this service suitable for?

The service is most beneficial for companies with a lot of data across systems and / or a lot of employees who need daily access to information from a variety of sources.

How does Ilveshaku differ from other content services?

Our solution is affordable, easy to use and we can also tailor the service to meet your needs in a cost effective way.

What systems can be integrated into Ilveshaku?

We have ready-made integrations for the most common systems our clients use. Systems can be connected with CSV, Excel or XML files, direct ODBC connection to the database or custom interface solutions.

How have you taken care of data security?

Ilveshaku Enterprise is always installed in accordance with the company's own data security and data protection policies, so data is processed in the same way as other company information.

Will our data move to you or a 3rd party Demo version?

Mainly no. Some extensions might need permissions to use data in a 3rd party service. In these circumstances, external services are trusted and data is moved using a secure network.

Can employees see files they do not have access when they use Ilveshaku?

Each user can only see the information they have been granted access to. We generally make use of the organisation's AD user management, but alternative methods of managing access are possible.

Can I search for files located on my own computer (e.g. on my desktop) using Ilveshaku?

Yes. This is possible by allowing the service to access your files.

Can I try Ilveshaku before buying?

Yes. You can use a free trial version of the service. We normally connect network drives and email service to the trial version. After indexing your data, you can see how the service facilitates work tasks that we have focused on during the test phase. We define 1-3 task assignments as the target for the trial period. You can try the Demo version of the service at no extra cost and connect your personal cloud services.

Where Ilveshaku is installed?

Ilveshaku Enterprise is installed on your corporate network. For example, CentOS 7+, Redhat 7+, Windows Server 2012+ server or other cloud services (e.g. Azure).

What resources are required for the service?

The service requirements for memory is 8-16 GB, storage capacity 100 GB / 1 million files and at least 4 processor cores.

How large will the search index be?

Generally, the index size is about 50 kB x number of files. However, the size may vary greatly depending on the file type.

Where is the software developed?

Ilveshaku is a Finnish product. It is developed by a Finnish family company called Ilves Solutions Oy, whose subsidiary Ilves Valmisohjelmistot Oy is responsible for the development, marketing and sales of the service.

How does Ilveshaku help with GDPR?

With the Ilveshaku GDPR extension, you can stylishly handle customer enquiries regarding the right of access to personal data, data rectification or deletion. With a single search, Ilveshaku finds the customer's personal data from multiple systems and generates a report using your company's visual identity. After checking the report, you can send it as a PDF file to your client. Speed and quality ensure a good customer experience.

How does the service differ from Office 365 data management solutions?

There are many differences: you can combine multiple systems from other vendors to the service, different types of data are easily divided, you can search for all your business files, customisation is possible, data doesn't need to be transferred to the cloud and your data will form a unified data repository.

What are the benefits of Ilveshaku to the employees?

Employees see what's happening in the company and the internal data is quickly found in a single search from different systems.